SOA Podcast #13 / J-Lawton

SOA Recordings:

“Today, we present you our SOA-Podcast #13 with J-Lawton. J-Lawton aka Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo was born in Havana Cuba beginning 80s, through his all youth was surrounded with a lot of different music as Cuba its one of the most eclectic places when it comes to music.
As a producer he was always more interested in building soundscapes for theatre pieces or visual art, creating hypnotic atmosphere with a very rytmical base, he created music for theatre pieces in Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, Compañía Colombiana de Danza Contemporánea, Susana Linke Dance company and Schauspielhaus Bochum in Germany.
As techno DJ he has been developing his carear in Europe more than 10 years, always following by dark energetic sounds such as Industrial, EBM and Hard techno, he´s DJ set has been heard in all Europe and South American Clubs such as Bar 25 (Berlin), Zodiac (Belgium), Mondo (Madrid), The School (Holland), Eliptica (Colombia), Baum (Colombia), Blue (Ecuador) or Rusty Nails (Havana) among others.
Currently he is working in his latest Party project “Rusty Nails” series, first hard techno rave in Havana Cuba in which he is resident DJ.”